Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Two weeks to Moving day

This is my daughter Kelli and Son-in-law Andy. I love spending time with both of them Andy has a keen, sharp sense of humor and the more I try to keep the straight face when he is chiding Kelli, the more I can't help but laugh. I always look forward with great anticipation when I spend time with them. Kelli is not only my daughter, she is my scrapbook buddy and one of my best friends. She is honest and sweet to me and helps keep me from being a "dork". These two are headed to a new adventure in August. They are moving to St. Paul MN so Kelli can start Law school. I am soo excited for them and comforted to know they will be near family, as Andy's dad and extended family are all in the St. Paul area. His family is very excited about having them closer to them. I will miss them immensely and I am already planning my first trip to see them when Kelli has her first school break in October.
These are the times that parents look forward to with great anticipation and trepidation with this exciting and uncertain future for their babies ( any parent knows that no matter how old they get they are always your babies) Good luck Kelli and Andy and I will be planning my vacations with more anticipation now!

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  1. ohhh! I love you lots and can't wait for you, or anyone for that matter, to come visit us! Thanks for the well-wishes!