Friday, October 16, 2009

'Jetson'esk' Christmas card

These are some cards I made with my daughter, Kelli, while I was spending some vacation time with her in Minesota. We even got a little snow to help set the mood and we listened to Christmas music while we worked.  It was so much fun and I love this look.  I will be making some more of these to use for a benefit for my sister to help defray some of the costs she is encuring with her Cancer and chemo treatments.   I think they remind me of the 60's Jetson era.  I used embossing powders and ribbon in neon colors on dark cardstock to get this look and I love it.  Hope you enjoy as well.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

World Card Making Day (WCMD)

Here is the first card I made yesterday for WCMD.  This is based on a card design from the CTMH book "Wishes".  All the colors and papers are CTMH.  Colors are Juniper, Creme Brulee, Olive and Tulip (and undertones of blush)  Stamp sets are Holiday Trinkets and Holiday Comentary.

This card uses the same paperpack and I tried to show the versatility of this pack to be used for more than just Christmas.  The little gifts are from the stamp set that comes with the Jingle cardmaking kit for this paperpack.  The Happy Brithday is from the stamp set For every occassion. 
 I was out of the loop and did not know that Oct. 3rd was WCMD (world card making day)  but to me any day is a good day to make cards so as soon as I found out I set to work.  Better to post late than to miss the opportunity all together right?  Enoy and I will be back soon with more Christmas card ideas.  I also hope to post some ideas and instructions this month.  So be sure to check back. 

Friday, October 2, 2009

Isn't she lovely, our B5 blue baby

The car, not a real girl.  This is our new car.  It's a '09 Dodge Challenger in B5 blue.  A real throw back to the '70's but the engine purrs instead of roars.  My husband, Steve is the one in the hat in the far side.  He was like a kid at Christmas.  Even though he tried to hide it I could tell how excited he was.  He ordered it from the Dealership several months ago and then the dealership we ordered it from went bankrupt and closed.  He was like a lost puppy and was just sure someone else was going to get his car.  He had kind of given up hope, when we received a call from the dealer who was working with us called and assured him it was still coming and he would get it because his name was on the build sheet.  We had to go pick it up at a different dealership, but it is home now and safely tucked away in the garage.  By the way, I have wanted that garage cleaned for about 3 years.  I told him if I had known tha was what it was going to take to get the garage cleaned out, I might have let him get one sooner! My car sill does not sit in the garage, but maybe by next week I will oficially have a parking spot in the garage as well.  Let the good times roll.  It is so fun to get a new car.  She has already gotten a car wash 2 times and it has only been 3 day!