Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thank you cards for my sister Shelly

My sister, Shelly has Ovarian Cancer. She has had her staging surgery and is about to begin her course of chemotherapy. Her cancer is a stage 1 which is the best possible news you could get with cancer, but since it is ovarian cancer, one of the most agressive cancers she will still need to have 3-4 rounds of chemo and it has been a very difficult and exhausting time waiting for the news, knowing what to do next when she was given options etc. Shelly is very fortunate to have many good friends and family who have been there for her and have helped her in many different ways. I am 100's of miles away and sometimes feel I am not able to do anything. When I spoke to her last week she told me she could use some thank-you's to send to all the people who have helped her out. I went right to work and here are a few I came up with. I am also going to make some less complex, flat thank-you's that can be easily mailed, but because of all the wonderful things her friends have done I wanted her to have some that were more of a gift, than just a simmple card. I made two of each of these and I also made two more of the three window cards I posted earlier to send to her. Please join me in keeping Shelly in your prayers for comfort, hope and healing as she moves forward with her treatment.


  1. Laurie, so sorry to hear about the cancer but so glad it was caught early at stage 1. A friend of mine has breast cancer and she is in Stage 3 of a very agressive rare form apparently. I got a chance to talk to her in detail and she has opened my eyes some more. Your sisther will be in my prayers for sure...God Bless...Iona

  2. Your cards are amazing! I can see why you were having so much fun making them when I talked to you this weekend!