Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Progress on my burn healing

Ok, if you are squeemish, I aplogize right off the bat. This is my burn on the back of my left leg down by my ankle. I got it three weeks ago from the tail pipe of our model A. Hot, hot, hot. The burn nurses at the hospital helped guide me through the process of how to keep it clean and help it heal. It involved first taking the big blister off and then keeping it clean, using silvadene cream and scrubbing, scrubbing it each day to keep it from scaring, or getting infected. It has been gruling and I am ready for it to be done healing, but alas, it is a slow process. It is getting better, I am thinking about 3 more weeks and it will be completely closed. I kind of think it looks like the pictures of the inside of a cell structure we used to look at in science class. there are little red bumps in the open area. This tests my anatomy memory, but I think they are call fibroblast and they are necessary for skin regrowth. This is a good site believe it or not! Maybe I'll post the final healing process in 2-3 weeks.
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  1. you are so funny! i'm laughing out loud about thinking about my middle school biology class about cells! i hope it heals soon-looks worse than i imagined!!

  2. OMG....ouch!!! I'm not sure I could scrub it myself. And I can't believe the patho lesson!!! lol